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Rotor Blade of wind ...
MW Blade Tip
Wind Turbine Nacelles
Cooling Tower Fan
Air Cooler Fan
Non-metal mold
Dezhou Aerosa Composites
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     Dezhou Aerosa Composites CO., Ltd’s manufacture headquarter is located in dezhou city, shandong province, China. Aerosa is the hi-tech enterprise and the leading manufacturer in Chinese composites industry, and has more than 35 years experience in composites manufacture and superiority in aerodynamics.
Along with know-how in advanced composites, Aerosa can finish the whole manufacture system including design, aerodynamics, mould engineer, structure, material, process, inspection and test, implementing the highest standards in environmental management and quality assurance.
Aerosa carries out ISO9001 quality management systems, has over 1200 employees, occupy 199800 m2, possesses over 100 sets of various processing and test equipments including computer control lathes, spectrometer of infrared ray...

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